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SMARTouch for Asbestos and Lead

Asbestos and Lead SMARTouch is pre-filled (using dropdowns) with locations (wall, floor, pipe chase etc.), material types (mastic, floor tile, transite etc.), space type (boiler room, classroom, hallway, etc), plus two additional level of descriptions to clearly identify the material.

Upon completion of selecting the appropriate choices from the drop downs (which takes about 15 seconds,) the software develops a reference code for similar materials within the same building. This code becomes a critical link for sampling results and remediation costs by material type. The SMARTouch Lead module is similar in design to the Asbestos module as these surveys are often conducted together.

Click here for data input screen shots of the SMARTouch Asbestos and Lead database. If you want to see a video detailing all the functionality of SMARTouch asbestos and lead software, Click here. For a personalized SMARTouch demo and pricing please contact Chris Schneider, CIH at 610.524.5525 ext. 14 or via e-mail.

SMARTouch for Asbestos and Lead

Video Demo

SMARTouch for Asbestos and Lead

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