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8/18/2020 - Fall Protection - 2020

Today I would like to share some information on Fall Protection and how 1Source can assist you. The leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry is falls. The sad part of the story is ...

Introducing SMARTouch©

It is time to say goodbye to collecting field data on paper and transcribing into Excel or Word. 1Source Safety and Health has developed SMARTouch which is fully customized to each clients need(s), and yes, less costly than those canned software programs. SMARTouch is easy to use and provides the power to conduct, manage and maintain survey data for industrial hygiene surveys, asbestos and lead in paint surveys, indoor air quality assessments, and ergonomic assessments all within one comprehensive software program... with a touch.

The software runs on any computer; however, for portability during field surveys, it runs on a tablet PC with touch screen technology. Touch screen technology provides the user with drop down windows to effectively navigate through the various selections while conducting a survey or assessment. Basically, you can complete a survey thru report development without lifting a pen or pencil.

Multi-tasking is designed into SMARTouch. You can conduct a full conditions assessment of asbestos, lead-in-paint, indoor air quality and industrial hygiene in an area including sampling data without the need to look for various forms.

Benefits of SMARTouch:

  • Reduced survey costs
  • Consistency of data and descriptions regardless of surveyor
  • Data transcription errors are eliminated
  • Data is searchable and editable
  • Pre-formatted and customizable reports ready immediately after the survey
  • Easy updating and maintenance of data
  • Customizable data input field to meet Client data collection needs
  • Asbestos abatement costs are calculated in seconds
  • Unlimited data input capacity
  • Click and print completed chain of custody forms for asbestos and lead
  • Current and historic data are maintained together.
    No need to look in multiple written reports or databases to find the information.
  • IAQ module provides specific corrective actions report based on findings which is helpful for maintenance department
  • All your industrial hygiene sampling assessment data in one location, accessible to everyone!
  • The Industrial Hygiene module prints out Employee Notification letters as required by OSHA.
  • Photographs, laboratory reports, field notes can all be linked to each sample record.

To understand all the benefits SMARTouch has to offer and for a demonstration, please contact Chris Schneider, CIH at 610.524.5525 ext. 14 or