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Safe Patient Handling and Mobility

You always want the best for your workers and patients. Unfortunately, it only takes one improper lift to completely change the life of a nurse or healthcare professional. It's crucial to have your employees handle patients and themselves with extra care.

Back injuries and musculoskeletal disorders occur far too often within hospitals and urgent care facilities, which can lead to a lifetime of discomfort. This is why 1Source is dedicated to helping our clients achieve safe patient handling and mobility within the workplace.

What Is Safe Patient Handling and Mobility?

Safe patient handling and mobility with 1Source involves implementing the resources necessary for the safe transportation of patients. Whether your team is moving a patient to a different room or from a bed to a chair, we will assist in eliminating potential risk factors through educational programs.

Since 1987, 1Source has been educating healthcare professionals on the best practices for patient handling and mobility. The key to securely moving patients without injury is to focus on C.A.R.E.

What Is the C.A.R.E. Acronym?

The C.A.R.E. acronym derives from our efforts to make health facilities a safe place for nurses, healthcare workers and patients. In order to efficiently engage in safe patient handling and mobility, teams must consider the following:

  • Control: What are the appropriate design considerations, equipment and resources you need to handle a patient? What is going to help your team care for others with the least amount of risk involved?
  • Anticipate: Look for changes in patient condition and workplace activities. If a patient's condition worsens, will the "go-to" handling method still keep them safe?
  • Recognize: Analyze work practices and obstacles to safe handling. What tools does your team require to complete tasks safely and efficiently?
  • Evaluate: Monitor your patient and staff's condition and your team's ability to assist. Do you have the proper number of employees involved to safely handle and transport a patient?

Following the C.A.R.E. acronym helps 1Source connect your business with the appropriate solution for safe patient handling and mobility.

When Do You Require SPHM Services?

Safe patient handling and mobility services are encouraged when your team performs activities that may lead to overextension. Healthcare workers who engage in manual lifting find themselves working in awkward positions and postures. Does your staff perform any of these listed activities?

  • Transferring patients from chairs, beds and bathtubs
  • Positioning patients in beds
  • Lifting patients out of beds
  • Making a bed with a patient still lying down

If so, you may consider our SPHM services. Our mobility programs benefit clients in home, acute and long-term care. 1Source offers the following services to educate and support your staff:

  • SPHM Program Gap Analysis
  • SPHM Program Development
  • SPHM Program Training
  • SPHM Program Incident Investigation

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If your business is searching for SPHM services, look no further than 1Source. Our experts are responsive, and we pride ourselves on connecting our clients to the best health and safety solutions. Call 1Source or request a service quote today.

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