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Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

1Source is dedicated to improving client occupational health and safety management systems. What does this process look like? Before we can go about making changes for better health and safety practice, we take the time to analyze current systems for areas of concern.

Performing audits of health and safety policies, programs, record keeping and loss data helps us identify the best solution for your business. Results from collecting this data enable 1Source experts to draft a management action plan for increasing your performance.This provides a significant return on investment for our clients.

Why Health and Safety Management Systems?

The only way to demonstrate the improvement of health and safety in the workplace is to discover where hazards exist and address them accordingly. Auditing your data and records is a systematic approach to lowering risks of staff injury and illness.

1Source's health and safety management systems keep businesses in compliance with local and federal laws, reduce workers' compensation costs and build well-informed teams.

Our occupational health and safety management systems can improve your safety management practices through the following processes:

Starting With Health and Safety Audits

It takes an experienced team to get the most out of health and safety audits. At 1Source, we plan out audits for our clients with Certified Professional Environmental Auditors, which include Certified Industrial Hygienists and Certified Safety Professionals. Auditing is beneficial when assessing these aspects of the workplace:

  • Regulatory compliance (OSHA, The Joint Commission, ADA and State)
  • Liability reduction opportunities
  • Financial opportunities
  • Program effectiveness
  • Benchmarking
  • Internal management responsibility

1Source matches your business to the right occupational health and safety management systems after determining worksite hazards and potential exposures.

OSHA Voluntary Protection Program

1Source can help you to become a health and safety leader in your industry. Our team guides you through the process of becoming an OSHA VPP participant. Achieving an OSHA VPP participant status allows you to contribute these potential benefits to your business:

  • Workplace injury and illness rates below the industry average
  • Improved quality, safety and productivity records
  • A 50% reduction in workers' compensation costs over a 4-year period

1Source Safety Training Consultants

1Source is proud to connect clients to occupational health and safety management systems. When you request a quote from 1Source, our reputable staff can provide you with more information about consulting and management services. Your workplace is just steps away from cost savings and fewer injuries when you call 1Source today.

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