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Safety and Health Audits

Safety and health audits provide helpful information for correcting safety concerns in the workplace. Companies need to recognize that businesses of all sizes develop over periods of time, and procedures must keep up through systematic approaches. Performing audits in the workplace identifies areas of improvement and increases employee outlook and self-confidence.

1Source offers businesses the opportunity to work with our audit team consisting of Certified Professional Environmental Auditors specializing in Health and Safety (CPEA). This group includes both Certified Safety Professionals and Certified Industrial Hygienists. Each auditor from 1Source is equipped with an understanding of the local, state and national health requirements that apply to your business.

Why Perform Health and Safety Audits?

Audits serve your company as documented assessments of your current health and safety system. Your processes are held to standard criteria to ensure necessary steps are followed to protect employees. 1Source audits aim to provide information about the following concepts:

  • Status of the current system (functioning or needs improvement)
  • Legal obligations in the industry
  • Discovering how current systems perform

1Source audits begin with a review of client documents, operations and expected hazards or potential exposures. We then define regulations specific to the client's Standard Industrial Code (SIC) to prepare for the on-site portion of the audit.

Here, we organize an initial meeting, inspect the site, review records and documents and conclude with a meeting presenting our findings. Health and safety audits take one to five days for completion of the on-site visit.

Risk Assessment Management Consulting

1Source's Risk Analysis helps your company determine the probability of risks occurring within your workplace and their potential impact. Qualitative risk assessments enable our experts to measure the probability of accidents based on a relative reading of Low, Medium or High. This form of analysis can be completed quickly and shows you where your largest areas of concern should be.

1Source saves you time and money to discover which risks need to be handled immediately or require a more in-depth plan of action when assessing the following:

  • Regulatory compliance (OSHA, The Joint Commission, APA and State)
  • Corporate policy and program requirements
  • Liability reduction opportunities
  • Financial opportunities
  • Program effectiveness
  • Continuous improvement and benchmarking
  • Internal management responsibility
  • OSHA VPP participation
  • Workers' compensation performance

Confined Space Surveys and Assessments

1Source is able to perform a workplace survey and evaluation of confined spaces. This is the concept of evaluating spaces of the workplace to see if any physical or atmospheric hazards exist. We work to help classify potentially dangerous environments through the following categories:

  • Non-permit spaces: No hazards present.
  • Alternate procedure confined spaces: Only atmospheric hazards are present. The hazard can be avoided/diminished prior to entry.
  • Permit-required confined spaces: Both physical and atmospheric hazards are present. Entry procedures are required.

Safeguarding Machinery

1Source is dedicated to providing machine safeguards for worker safety. Our team collaborates with your company to discover precautions surrounding industrial machinery. Aside from training, 1Source will recommend the following safeguards depending on your industry:

  • Physical safeguards: Adding barriers to machinery.
  • Relocating machinery: Distancing machinery from workers.
  • Safeguard devices: Limiting access to hazards (gates, controls and sensory devices).

Health and Safety Auditing at 1Source

1Source wants to assist your company with health and safety initiatives. Fill out our request form and receive a quote for health and safety auditing today.

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