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Health and Safety Management Programs & Services

Keeping employees, visitors, contractors and building occupants safe involves staying up to date on the latest effective safety programs and services for assurance. Regardless of industry, safety and health professionals must stay educated on the resources available and relevant OSHA guidelines to assist their businesses with implementing policies, standards, records and activities for better processes.

1Source is here to identify hazards and prevent and control risks within your workplace and correct these issues. Many of our safety program management and consultation programs include:

Occupational health and safety management systems

1Source wants to bring a return on investment for our clients. With occupational health and safety management systems, we assist in conducting a safety and health audit of programs, policies, record keeping and loss data. This information helps us develop an action plan for better performance.

Health and safety audits

Health and safety audits with 1Source supply a significant return on your investment. We equip your business with certified professional environmental auditors with knowledge on national, state and local health and safety requirements.

Ergonomics programs

We work to eliminate the workplace stressors that injure employees and create inefficiencies. 1Source's ergonomics programs allow us to use quantitative physical demand evaluations to reduce compensation costs and other liabilities. We want to gain a better understanding of your business's job tasks, equipment and layouts to reduce WMSD complications.

Health and safety program development

Our safety management services keep you up to date with technical regulations. 1Source takes the time to create revisions to your current procedures to meet OSHA guidelines, maintain OSHA compliance and more. Health and safety program development might help with policy development, program implementation, training programs and reviews.

Construction Safety Services & Assurance Plans

1Source's construction safety services oversee daily activities that result in injuries, illnesses and fatalities. We bring our clients daily overviews, safety meetings and audits of programs and activities. At the same time, we interface with managers and subcontractors and assist with regulatory interpretation. The 1Source staff offers consulting for the design and planning phases of projects with safety in mind, for clients like water utilities, power generation, commercial real estate, schools, contractors and more.

Managed outsourcing for health and safety

We provide outsourcing to healthcare, aerospace, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, commercial offices, refineries, construction and energy industries. 1Source permits our clients to utilize our staff on a part-time to full-time basis for better health and safety at the workplace.

OSHA VPP (Voluntary Protection Program)

We will help you to become an OSHA VPP participant so you can be a leader in the health and safety fields. Lower your workplace injury rates, improve safety records and cut workers' compensation costs through our consulting.

Noise exposure evaluation and control

Too much noise is dangerous across the workplace. As sounds get louder, a loss in communication and hearing increases the potential for workplace accidents. A workplace noise survey, testing or evaluation is the first step in correcting the sound. 1Source takes noise measurements to implement strategies and reduce the overall risk of long-term exposure.

Safe patient handling and mobility

Nurses and healthcare workers experience some of the highest incident rates for back and other injuries. These professionals are susceptible to work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD) due to the physical demands of handling patients. Injuries occur as the weight of patients increase, workers grow older and the need for assistance prolongs. By improving your patient handling and mobility through our C.A.R.E. slogan, we emphasize how control, anticipation, recognition and evaluation helps with patient handling and reduces work injuries.

Health and Safety Committees

Gain value with 1Source's knowledge of over 100 health committees. We aim to educate, enable and empower your team to understand the rights and responsibilities of a safer workplace. Increase employee involvement, productivity and morale while providing savings to your company.

Expert Witness Services

1Source can recommend the involvement of a board-certified environmental health physician, architect and/or professional engineer to assist in cases requiring further expertise. Our in-house staff includes certified Industrial Hygienists, Safety Professionals, Ergonomists, Environmental Auditors and Safe Patient Handling Professionals to suit any client need.

Safety Program FAQs, Services Brochure and Quotes

1Source transforms your business practices for a safer workplace. For any questions, be sure to review our FAQs page or download our services brochure. Reach out to 1Source today for more information and receive a quote.


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