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Save Valuable Time with SMARTouch Survey Software

Friday, October 23, 2015
Save Valuable Time with SMARTouch Survey Software


Where is your air sampling data and associated documentation from last week or 15 years ago? Is it accessible? Or is it in a file that has been misplaced or in storage? How do you manage your industrial hygiene survey data to maintain it as required by OSHA? To help you address these questions, 1Source Safety and Health, Inc. has developed SMARTouch Industrial Hygiene Data Management Systems. With SMARTouch you will have:

  • a centralized customizable and easy to use database for all your sampling data
  • the ability to upload historic data currently in hard copy form
  • photos, field notes, and laboratory reports linked to each sample record
  • all your industrial hygiene data accessible with a click of a mouse
  • controlled access to the data
  • employee notification forms and reports generated within seconds

All SMARTouch databases are customized to meet your needs with regards to data collection fields, report style and content and more. SMARTouch is cloud based and accessible from any computer.

Would you like demo of SMARTouch? Click here to e-mail Chris Schneider.

Save Time with SMARTouch Survey Software

1Source Safety and Health - Smartouch Software Industrial Hygiene SMARTouch is specifically designed around data collection during industrial hygiene surveys. The data collection logic was developed by a team of industrial hygienists with many years of air sampling and monitoring experience. Information is collected specific to the facility, the employee and the contaminants in an easy to use format. Standard reporting formats including employee notification forms are provided; however, we know that clients may have specific reporting needs so customized reports are also available. The most current version has the ability to link photographs, laboratory reports, field notes and graphing capabilities to each sample record.

1Source Safety and Health, Inc. has developed SMARTouch data management systems for:

  • Industrial Hygiene Data Management
  • Asbestos Surveys and Abatement Management
  • Lead Surveys and Abatement Management
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Indoor Air Quality Surveys and Maintenance Actions

Top Benefits of SMARTouch

  • All your industrial hygiene sampling assessment data in one location, accessible to everyone!
  • Consistency of data and descriptions
  • Data transcription errors are eliminated
  • Data is searchable and editable
  • Laboratory results are stored with field data
  • Pre-formatted and customizable reports ready immediately after the survey
  • Easy updating and maintenance of data
  • Customizable data input field to meet Client data collection needs
  • The Industrial Hygiene module prints out Employee Notification letters as required by OSHA.
  • Photographs, laboratory reports, field notes can all be linked to each sample record.

Would you like to learn more about SMARTouch? Click here to contact Chris Schneider.