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Managed Safety and Health Outsourcing

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Managed Safety and Health Outsourcing

Managed Safety and Health OutsourcingOccupational and environmental health and safety professionals are responsible for the recognition, evaluation, and control of those environmental factors and stresses within the workplace that may cause injury, sickness, disability or death; impaired health or well-being; or significant discomfort and inefficiency among workers. As such, it is essential that the individuals tasked with these responsibilities have the support of upper management and the necessary resources and become fully qualified.

Qualifications should include not only education, but also broad-based experience in addressing environmental factors, interpersonal factors, and stresses, as well as the ability to credibly address technical questions and concerns from employees.

Experience is essential for a successful result. Typically, an inexperienced or unqualified person will not be able to identify the myriad of challenging problems that could affect the outcome of monitoring results, or provide practical recommendations for controlling and addressing health and safety issues.

1Source Safety and Health frequently provides clients with safety and health professionals on a short term, long-term, or part-time basis. Depending on the goals of the client and their available resources, 1Source Safety and Health has found that what may have started as a full-time managed outsource position, can sometimes be reduced to a part-time position due to the proactive approach of their program.

1Source Safety and Health offers clients added value by providing the following:

  • No costs associated with training and retraining of in-house staff with regard to whom, what, how, when, and why to sample
  • No need to qualify competency regarding professional standing
  • High level of proficiency with equipment
  • No management time requirements for clients
  • Data collected, analyzed, and interpreted by a third party has a higher level of validity with unions, non-union employees, and regulatory agencies
  • Availability of experts and equipment is guaranteed 24/7/365
  • Team of nine CIHs, two CSPs, two CPEAs and one CPE, plus a staff of safety and health professionals, available to provide technical and situational knowledge base for all safety teams
  • Ability to evaluate employee activities to develop sampling plans that provide meaningful data and save money
  • No need to purchase, maintain, and calibrate equipment, or train staff in the appropriate use of equipment
  • Peer review of data and collaboration with experienced consultants
  • Discounts on chemical and microbiological sample analysis because 1Source Safety and Health is a major vendor to laboratories where samples are analyzed
  • Ability to assess situations and confer with experts

For more information, or to discuss your specific needs regarding safety and health outsourcing at your company, please contact Colin J. Brigham, CIH, CSP, CPEA, CPE Vice President, at 610.524.5525 ext 24.