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3/29/2021 - Odor Surveys and Assessments - 2021

If you ever had an odor or indoor air quality issue within your facility you can appreciate the difficultly in identifying the sources or causes and responding to questions from employees.

Fall Protection

Thursday, July 19, 2018
Fall Protection


Citation and Notification of Penalty
Colin J. Brigham

The Crown Roofing, LLC, was fined $149,662 for exposing employees to fall hazards. After being inspected as part of OSHA's Regional Emphasis Program for Falls in Construction, the company was cited for one repeat violation for failing to use a guardrail, safety net, or personal fall arrest system to protect workers. OSHA also issued citations for failing to have a competent person regularly inspect jobsites, materials, and equipment: and maintain written records of fall protection trainings.

There are many benefits related to using ISO 45001 as a benchmark for your health and safety program. There are similarities in approach of this standard with ISO 14001, Environmental Management System - Requirements with Guidance for Use. The ISO Integrated Management System article below addresses its approach and benefits.

For more information on Fall Protection and Fall Protection Programs please reach out to Colin J. Brigham, CIH, CSP by e-mail, or by phone at 610.524.5525 x24.

Colin J. Brigham, CIH, CSP, CPE, CPEA, CSPHP
VP Safety Management & Ergonomics

OSHA Final Rule on Fall Protection Systems

OSHA Final Rule on Fall Protection Systems

The leading causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths are falls - from heights and the same level. OSHA has issued a final rule onWalking-Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection Systemsto better protect workers in general industry from these hazards by updating and clarifying standards and adding training and inspection requirements. Our certified staff at 1Source provides consulting and training that can help you and your staff understand and follow this new ruling.

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Fall Protection

Fall Protection

Why is fall protection important? Falls are among the most common causes of serious work related injuries and deaths. Employers must set up the work place to prevent employees from falling off of overhead platforms, elevated work stations or into holes in the floor and walls.

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How to Protect Workers from Falls

How to Protect Workers from Falls

There are a number of ways employers can protect workers from falls, including through the use of conventional means such as guardrail systems, safety net systems and personal fall protection systems, the adoption of safe work practices, and the provision of appropriate training. The use of warning lines, designated areas, control zones and similar systems are permitted by OSHA in some situations and can provide protection by limiting the number of workers exposed.

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