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Construction: Keep Your Employees Safe

Thursday, August 20, 2015
Construction: Keep Your Employees Safe


In recent years, onsite safety management expertise at construction sites to oversee day-to-day activities has been recognized as an important factor in reducing injuries, illness and fatalities. Additionally, OSHA has increased their inspection activity of the construction industry. Read on to learn more about construction safety and how 1Source can help you to protect your employees.

How Can 1Source Keep Your Employees Safe?

1SSH Construction Safety Consulting The professionals at 1Source provide clients with onsite daily oversite, daily safety meetings, audits of programs and activities, interface with construction managers, interface with subcontractors, and regulatory interpretation. Additionally, our certified staff provides consulting during the design and planning phases of projects, along with reviews of contractor's safety manuals.

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What Are The Benefits of a Construction Safety Program?

Construction Safety Program by 1SSH There are many benefits of having a written, comprehensive construction safety program. They include:

  • Improved safe work performance, with better efficiency and productivity
  • Lower direct and indirect costs associated with injuries
  • Access to more bid opportunities
  • Better control of safety of your subcontractors
  • Improved ability to keep the project on schedule

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See What Our Clients Have To Say

Westchester School District - Construction Safety Consulting Client for 1SSH"1Source Safety and Health, Inc. has helped us to manage our construction safety concerns by providing onsite staff supported by offsite professionals. 1Source has provided daily inspection and safety reviews of our construction sites and have helped us to maintain a safe environment for not only our students and staff, but also the workers during a time of active construction. This helps to eliminate potential problems, liabilities, and their associated costs."

- Mark Groves, West Chester Area School District