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Industrial Hygiene Testing and Programs

The certified industrial hygienists (CIH) at 1Source have experience conducting thousands of industrial hygiene evaluations. These tests include sampling for physical stressors and chemicals to ensure workplace safety. Our evaluation lengths range from one day to multiple weeks, depending on your needs. We also assist in developing programs that identify possible hazardous exposures.

Our Industrial Hygiene Programs and Services

1Source CIH professionals take the following steps to improve your workplace's industrial hygiene:

  • Identify possible vulnerabilities to chemical exposure
  • Design sampling surveys to determine the potential for exposure and overexposure
  • Develop recommendations to limit potential chemical exposure

To obtain the highest level of sampling accuracy possible, we only work with laboratories accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA). Our CIH team can develop a customized testing plan that includes elements such as the following:

Chemical Substance Sampling

We have the knowledge, equipment and partnerships to test for a wide range of hazardous chemicals. Let 1Source develop a sampling strategy that identifies the most hazardous compounds in your line of work. Our chemical substance sampling methods include:

  • Air sampling
  • Surface sampling
  • Bulk sampling

Hazardous Chemicals Consulting

Our team can assist in managing hazardous chemicals to improve workplace safety and regulatory compliance. We improve organizations' hazardous chemical strategies through:

  • Chemical sampling and analysis plans
  • Source evaluations
  • Expert witness support
  • Emergency response planning
  • Chemical and physical sampling programs
  • Staff training

Physical Stressors Sampling

The 1Source CIH team can evaluate physical stressors to help you make data-informed strategies for a safer workplace. Our physical stressor sampling services include:

  • Radiation assessments
  • Noise assessments and hearing conservation
  • Heat stress assessments
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) assessments
  • Confined space assessments

Workplace Analysis and Monitoring

Workplace monitoring and analysis can help you ensure a safe, compliant workplace. Our services include:

  • Routine monitoring
  • Emergency monitoring
  • OSHA compliance monitoring
  • Job hazard analysis (JHA)

Certified Industrial Hygienists at 1Source

A CIH has years of experience and extensive certification. Many of our staff members have CIH designation and specialize in various areas of industrial hygiene. The CIH professionals on our team will partner with you to find the right industrial hygiene solution for your organization.

Our CIH experts include:

  • Brian Hovendon
  • Dominick A. DiMichael
  • Dean Lamborn
  • Michael Campagna

SMARTouch Industrial Hygiene Software

SMARTouch from 1Source provides the solutions you need to collect and store industrial hygiene data. This software will streamline your in-house evaluations through:

  • PC and tablet compatibility
  • Searchable and editable data
  • Customizable reports

Learn More About Industrial Hygiene Evaluation From 1Source

For more information about our industrial hygiene testing and other workplace safety services, call 610-524-5525 .