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Proactive Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Survey Programs

Proactive indoor air quality (IAQ) survey programs establish regular IAQ inspections of a workplace. The team at 1Source can monitor your building's IAQ to identify potential issues and resolve them before they happen. Our experienced professionals use the industry's latest equipment and best practices to evaluate each workplace's air quality. We can combine our proactive IAQ monitoring with additional safety services for a compliant and comfortable building.

The Importance of Proactive Monitoring

Compared to reactive IAQ management strategies, proactive IAQ evaluations provide multiple advantages. When you establish a proactive IAQ survey program, you'll benefit from:

  • Expense reduction: A proactive survey can identify issues that become more expensive as they worsen. If you resolve these problems early on, you'll save money that you would otherwise spend on mitigation.
  • Occupant safety: Monitoring a building's air quality ensures that its occupants have a safe workplace. Proactive IAQ surveys identify and resolve potentially dangerous issues, such as airborne contaminants.
  • Employee satisfaction: Regular IAQ surveys improve staff members' satisfaction with their workplace by demonstrating an investment in employee well-being. They also reduce the need to address complaints.
  • Legal documentation: The information collected during proactive surveys can serve as evidence in liability cases. It shows steps taken to maintain a healthy building.
  • Regulatory compliance: Maintaining air quality through a proactive IAQ survey will help your organization stay compliant with labor laws by promoting a safe workplace for your staff members.

Regular IAQ surveys can improve your workplace's environment and productivity for better results.

Steps Involved in Proactive IAQ Surveys

Our proactive IAQ survey services involve the following types of evaluations:

  • Periodic sampling surveys: 1Source technicians will take regular air samples and direct readings to determine IAQ. These tests check for contaminants that could impact overall air quality.
  • Duct inspections: Our team members will examine air ducts for contaminants, obstructions and structural problems. These issues can severely impact air quality when left unaddressed.
  • Mechanical hygiene surveys: An HVAC specialist will examine the components of your system for debris and residue. They can then recommend any cleaning required to bring the system to a proper functioning standpoint.
  • Walk-through surveys: During a walk-through survey, a certified industrial hygienist (CIH) will visually inspect your equipment and facility. The CIH will also review your building's systems and operations.
  • HVAC assessments: A specialist from 1Source will inspect your HVAC system to ensure it works correctly. They'll also review your HVAC maintenance plan.
  • Occupant activities: Our team will ask about any occupant activities or processes that could impact air quality.
  • Chemical usage: 1Source specialists will also inquire about the use of chemicals in everyday operations in and around the building.
  • Adjacent business impact: Nearby buildings can affect the quality of your indoor space's air. 1Source professionals will determine whether an adjacent organization has an impact on your IAQ.

The data from these activities enters our database, and we then make comparisons to determine trends over time. Our analysts use the information gathered from proactive IAQ surveys to identify possible problems before they happen.

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