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Planned Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management

A building's indoor air quality (IAQ) relies on its occupants' actions. 1Source's planned indoor air quality management programs provide a comprehensive approach to maintaining acceptable IAQ. They train leadership and staff on how to manage IAQ and address potential issues. Our experts can provide consulting for IAQ management in your organization to improve efficiency, morale and compliance.

Why Create a Planned Indoor Air Quality Management Program?

Planned IAQ management programs will benefit your organization through:

  • Compliance: Understanding how to identify IAQ issues and maintain air quality will help you comply with industry IAQ regulations.
  • Safety: By monitoring IAQ, you can identify hazards and issues that could develop into complications, protecting your building's occupants.
  • Efficiency: Establishing an IAQ plan will give your occupants a plan of action to follow that increases your IAQ management's efficiency.
  • Increased employee morale: IAQ management plans will demonstrate your commitment to a safe workplace and maintain comfortable IAQ.
  • Reduced expenses: When your team understands how to identify IAQ issues early on, you can avoid the expenses incurred when these issues worsen.

Integrating IAQ management into your operations will create a safer, more efficient and more comfortable workplace.

Establishing an IAQ Management Program for Your Business

The establishment of an IAQ management program in an organization can include steps such as:

  • Assigning an IAQ manager: An organization can assign someone the responsibility to lead IAQ efforts and act as a point of contact.
  • Performing IAQ trainings: In coordination with the consulting service, the organization can provide employee training sessions on identifying and resolving IAQ issues.
  • Conducting IAQ evaluations: As the organization creates an IAQ management program, the consultants can perform a baseline IAQ audit.
  • Creating written policies and protocols: The consulting organization can assist in developing written protocols and policies for maintaining acceptable IAQ.
  • Developing an IAQ program budget: Depending on the complexity of the plan, the organization may need to set an expense budget for IAQ management.

1Source's planned IAQ management programs can provide services based on your organization's unique needs.

Planned IAQ Management Plans From 1Source

When you request planned IAQ management from 1Source, your plan will likely include:

  • Written IAQ manuals: Our experts can develop policies, training manuals and protocols customized for your organization.
  • IAQ awareness training: Scheduled training sessions with our IAQ professionals will teach your staff how to evaluate and maintain IAQ.
  • IAQ committees and facilitation: As part of IAQ maintenance, we can help you assign IAQ management among your staff and provide the required training.
  • Legionella bacteria control plans: Legionella, the bacterium that causes Legionnaires' disease, grows in poorly maintained water systems. A Legionella management plan and water system assessment prevents this disease and promotes healthy water quality.

Your 1Source representative will help you develop a contract that includes the services your organization needs. We can combine planned IAQ management services with our other IAQ and safety services for the perfect solution.

Request a Quote for Planned IAQ Management Consulting

Count on the IAQ experts at 1Source to provide everything your organization needs to maintain the ideal IAQ. For more information on planned IAQ management and our additional services, request an online quote.

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