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Mold, Bacteria & Microbiological Assessments

The IAQ professionals at 1Source have experience addressing mold and bacterial contamination in a variety of settings. Our team can identify and develop remediation plans for mold growth and contaminants in commercial buildings, hospitals, housing, schools and manufacturing settings. Professional mold testing and microbiological assessments from 1Source will allow you to take the first step toward controlling an outbreak and possible damage to building systems.

Our mold and microbiological testing services include:

  • Microbiological testing
  • Mold growth assessments
  • Odor cause investigation
  • Sewage spill assistance
  • Water releases
  • Moisture intrusion assessments
  • Infrared imaging
  • Drone inspections of roofs and building facades
  • Endotoxin contamination
  • Allergen sampling
  • Mold remediation work plans and management

You may request any of these consulting options to evaluate your building's level of contamination and take action if necessary.

Immediate Action Steps for Mold and Bacterial Contamination

If your building tests positive for mold or bacterial contamination, we'll take the following actions during the remediation process:

  • Perform initial inspection for contaminants and moisture: Our team will begin by investigating the affected area for signs of contamination and moisture. This information will help us identify the source of the contaminants so that we can address it.
  • Analyze laboratory data in relation to site findings: During our initial investigation, we'll also take samples for analysis. We'll then synthesize the information from these results and our investigation to determine contamination levels.
  • Establish options for moisture control and remediation: By eliminating the moisture causing the mold or bacterial growth, we can stop the contamination. We'll use our data to develop strategies for mitigating the situation.
  • Provide details to manage concerns: Once we understand why the building has contamination, we can provide the information needed to address occupants' concerns.
  • Develop work plans and collaborate with a remediation contractor: After the client agrees to a mitigation strategy, we'll oversee the work plan to execute it, working closely with the remediation contractor to ensure that they follow the plan.
  • Conduct post-remediation assessment: As the final step in the remediation process, we'll conduct another evaluation to confirm the successful removal of the contaminants.

For your safety, our IAQ professionals will oversee all steps to ensure their proper completion.

Mold Testing Services From 1Source Safety and Health Professionals

When building occupants suspect mold or bacterial contamination, we can take the following steps to mitigate the situation:

  • Microbiological assessments and investigations
  • Moisture intrusion assessments
  • Water and sewage spills assessments
  • Odor source and cause investigations
  • Disease cluster and health issue assessments
  • Pre-existing loss identification
  • Remediation management and work plans
  • Expert testimony and litigation support
  • Scientific support for insurance claims

Following an inspection and assessment, we create work plans and site-specific strategies for managing contaminants and their possible dangers. We can also offer consultations that help you prevent the recurrence of mold and bacteria. Our team will provide any evidence needed for insurance claims, legal cases and other situations that require data.

Request a Quote for Mold and Microbe Mitigation

For more information about our mold and bacterial contamination remediation services, request a quote today. You may also call 610-524-5525, ext. 15 to speak with Harry M. Neill, CIH Vice President of Indoor Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene.

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