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Investigative Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Surveys

Your workplace's indoor air quality (IAQ) impacts your employees' well-being and morale. When you receive complaints about allergens, odors or other indicators of poor air quality, an investigative survey will identify the source of potential indoor air pollutants, ventilation systems issues and more. The professionals at 1Source understand how to manage the emotional, social and scientific aspects of IAQ issues. Our team can pinpoint the causes behind IAQ complaints and recommend the proper course of action.

About Investigative Indoor Air Quality Surveys

During an investigative IAQ survey, experts from 1Source will visit your workplace to determine the factors causing your IAQ complaints. Investigative IAQ surveys involve three steps:

  1. Employer and employee interviews: Interviews with the people who work in the affected site act as a critical element of the IAQ survey. A wide range of factors can influence how an environment affects employers and staff. 1Source staff will conduct one-on-one and group interviews to get a comprehensive understanding of the situation.
  2. Site inspection: 1Source team members will also examine the workplace environment for sources of contaminants and other air issues. They'll inspect HVAC systems and collect samples for evaluation in a laboratory. Some elements of the survey will also involve direct reading instruments that provide results on-site.
  3. Environmental evaluation: After conducting on-site interviews and sampling, scientifically-trained experts will analyze the samples. The tests that 1Source scientists complete will evaluate samples for bioaerosols and other biological components. If any tests have positive results, 1Source can help you take steps to remediate the issue.

If necessary, the 1Source team can also provide expert witness services for consulting and litigation. Our team has expertise in multiple fields related to job safety and experience working with a variety of facility types.

The Benefits of Conducting an Investigative IAQ Survey

Investigative IAQ surveys can benefit your organization in multiple ways. The advantages of conducting an IAQ survey include:

  • Safety: IAQ surveys will identify potential health hazards or rule them out to help you maintain a safe workplace.
  • Staff morale: Resolving issues such as odors, allergies and diseases will improve employee morale by creating a more comfortable place to work.
  • Compliance: An IAQ survey will pinpoint possible ventilation and containment issues that you can resolve to stay compliant with OSHA regulations.

In summary, an IAQ survey will provide the information you need to create a safe and compliant workplace.

Issues That Indoor Air Quality Services Can Address

An investigative IAQ survey can address issues such as:

  • Employee complaints: Staff mentions issues related to odors, irritants, disease or other air quality effects.
  • Allergy complaints: Occupants experience worsened allergy symptoms when on-site.
  • Disease clusters: Employees and other occupants experience diseases such as cancers, Legionnaires and Aspergillosis.
  • Building-related disease: Occupants experience building-related diseases and transient symptoms.

IAQ surveys can help you resolve various problems related to indoor air quality. You can call us at 610-524-5525 to learn whether you could remediate a workplace issue through IAQ services.

Indoor Environmental Air Quality Consulting Services From 1Source

Let us assist you in understanding your IAQ evaluation and remediation options. For more information about 1Source's IAQ consulting services, request a quote now.

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