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Providing professional consulting and expert testimony in the areas of:

Indoor Air Quality

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Expert Witness Services

1Source Safety and Health has a diverse in-house staff of professionals to provide the consulting and litigation support your clients need:

  • Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH)
  • Certified Safety Professionals (CSP)
  • Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE)
  • Certified Professional Environmental Auditors (CPEA)
  • Certified Safe Patient Handling Profssional (CSPHP)

As needed, our experts may recommend the involvement of a board certified environmental health physician, architect and/or a professional engineer to assist in supporting cases that require additional expertise.

Our professionals have expertise from the initial investigation of identifying the issues, causation, and sources through the development of expert reports, depositions, arbitration, and providing expert testimony in court.

Areas of litigation support and consulting include:

  • Microbiological including fungal (mold), bacteria, endotoxins, allergens
  • Indoor air quality and odors
  • Environmental diseases such as Hypersensitive Pneumonitis, Legionnaire disease, Aspergillosis, Psittacosis, Ornithosis
  • Construction safety
  • OSHA
  • Ergonomics
  • Safety management
  • Noise and hearing loss
  • Machinery safeguarding
  • Job hazard analysis
  • Health and safety audits
  • Industrial hygiene exposures
  • Workers' compensation
  • Product Safety
  • Slips and falls
  • Safe patient handling

1Source professionals have significant experience in various facility types including: hospitals, commercial, education, pharmaceuticals, power generation, refineries, private residents and heavy to light manufacturing and more.

Need more information, or to discuss specific issues please contact Chris Schneider, CIH, President at 610.524.5525 ext. 14, or email.

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