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Environmental-Related Disease Investigation

When multiple occupants report the same symptom or disease in a short period, your organization may require an investigation. Count on the experts at 1Source to help you identify the cause behind an environmental-related disease. We collaborate with board-certified occupational health physicians, building systems engineers and Ph.D. microbiologists to investigate building-related diseases. Once we find the issue, we can assist in remediating it while providing training on topics to protect your employees in the workplace.

Typical Environmental-Related Disease Investigations

A building's environment can cause a wide range of symptoms and health conditions. Some of the more common disease investigations we conduct include:

  • Certified Legionnaires' testing: Our partners can test your building's water for Legionella bacteria when you have reports of Legionnaires' disease.
  • Illness and cancer cluster studies: When your building has a cluster of illnesses or cancer, we can review their incidences and find patterns.
  • Organizational-acquired illness programs: If a disease impacts your organization, we can assist in developing a plan to prevent its future occurrence.
  • Construction control plans: Our consultants can help you create a construction control plan to resolve existing diseases or prevent disease occurrence.
  • Aspergillosis investigations: If you have reports of Aspergillosis, we can inspect your building for the Aspergillus fungus and other types of mold.
  • Endotoxin exposure: When exposure to endotoxins causes disease outbreaks in your organization, we can locate the source and help resolve the issue.
  • Bird-related diseases: Our team can identify the source of avian diseases when they affect your organization's members.

Our team includes a diverse staff of safety professionals who offer consulting and litigation support for building-related diseases. Learn more about our expert witness services.

Evaluating the Occurrence of Building-Related Diseases

During an environmental-related disease investigation, our experts examine multiple factors to determine a disease's source. The 1Source team aims to answer questions such as:

  • What kinds of symptoms do affected occupants experience?
  • How many new cases occurred throughout a period?
  • What was the total number of people with the condition at a specified point in time?
  • How do disease rates affect occupants by population?
  • Do occupants perform any activities that make them more susceptible to specific symptoms?

By addressing these questions in addition to related topics, our team can determine the source and nature of a specific disease.

Procedures for Environmental-Related Disease Investigation

Investigating a building-related disease involves steps such as:

  • Interviewing building occupants: Discussing on-site activities, the work environment and other environmental elements with staff helps us understand contributing factors.
  • Taking environmental samples: Using direct readings and lab analysis, our experts can test for microorganisms and other contaminants in the building environment.
  • Inspecting the affected site: Scientists and industrial hygiene experts can visually examine the site for mold, structural issues and other contributing factors.

If we find the source of the disease, we can help you take steps to resolve the issue and prevent future incidents from occurring.

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Rely on the team at 1Source for comprehensive disease investigations in a variety of facility types. For more information about building-related disease investigation from 1Source, request a quote online.

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