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Indoor Air Quality

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Professional IAQ Consulting, Surveys & Assessments

Our indoor air quality (IAQ) management and consulting services involve evaluating the composition of the indoor air quality and making recommendations for action. Our IAQ consultants are experts at conducting indoor air quality surveys, odor surveys and assessments, legionella testing, and LEED indoor environmental quality, among other areas of expertise.

The quality of your environmental conditions and air quality can impact its inhabitants' health and happiness. When our indoor air quality consultants assess your interior's air, they'll analyze it for the specified indoor air contaminants. They can also assist you in taking proactive steps toward clean air in the future. 1Source Safety and Health, Inc. has extensive experience with assessing facilities' air quality and helping them take action.

We offer a wide selection of indoor air quality consulting services, including the following:

Microbiological, Bacteria & Mold Assessments

Microbiological, bacteria and mold assessment consulting includes the detection and mitigation of microbes in an indoor space. Our IAQ team has experience in addressing microbiological contamination in a variety of settings.

Odor Assessments & Odor Surveys

If you have an odor issue without a determinable source, our experts can look for its origin. We can also identify whether the odor-causing compounds cause safety issues.

Investigative IAQ surveys

When your building occupants have complaints about air quality or safety, our IAQ team can investigate the cause while addressing everyone's concerns.

Proactive IAQ survey programs

Establishing a proactive IAQ survey program will allow you to maintain your building's air quality. Let us perform regular IAQ surveys and inspections to analyze multiple aspects of IAQ.

Planned IAQ management programs

A planned IAQ management program will include manuals, training and action plans that teach your staff how to maintain ideal IAQ.

Environment-related disease investigation

Let our team investigate your building's environment when evidence suggests that it causes disease in its occupants.

Testing for Legionella and Legionnaires Disease

The development and implementation of a Legionella control plan through 1Source can help you prevent this dangerous disease.

LEED's indoor environmental quality

LEED's certification testing during and after construction will enable you to promote acceptable IAQ. You can request this testing even if you do not need EQ credits for certification.

Vapor intrusion

Vapor intrusion consulting involves the detection and mitigation of vapors that travel inside from under a building's slab.

Your Expert Witnesses for IAQ Consulting Services

At 1Source, we dedicate ourselves to forming long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We set ourselves apart from the competition through:

  • Reputability: Our team has more than 30 credentials related to safety and risk management. We have certification in many states in the mid-Atlantic region, frequently consulting clients throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware and Washington, DC.
  • Expertise: We have more than 35 years of experience serving our customers and working in a wide range of subject areas. As a result, we can provide a wider breadth of services than most firms in our field.
  • Responsiveness: As our valued customer, you'll have access to our expertise around the clock. Contact our Experts on Call service for 24-hour assistance within 30 minutes of your call.

For more information about our expertise, read about our expert witness services.

Learn More About Our Indoor Air Quality Consulting

Allow us to help you understand IAQ consulting and our other services. You may request a quote online or sign up for The Risk Factor Newsletter for safety advice from our experts.

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