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1/16/2020 - Chemically Induced Hearing Loss

Are you aware that chemicals (ototoxicants) in the work environment can cause hearing loss? Amazingly, they can! So today, I would like to share some information on Chemically Induced Hearing loss ...

Drone Inspections and Assessments

The use of drones and drone technology has expanded rapidly over the past 5 years. As such, application of drones has increased at a faster pace. The drones used by 1Source employ the latest technology and our pilot is licensed through the FAA.

By using drones, 1Source can safely and cost-effectively conduct inspections and photo and video document:

  • Building exterior
  • Roof top equipment
  • Roof top drains
  • Exterior facades and windows
  • Tower and stacks
  • Construction progress
  • Infrared thermal imaging of roof, equipment and other surfaces
  • Map and geotag images

Benefits of using drones include:

  • Workers are not exposed to safety or chemical exposure risks
  • Allowing workers to better prepare for maintenance activities
  • No scaffolding, ladders or fall protection needed to access roofs and walls etc.
  • Access to inaccessible areas
  • Remote sampling for air contaminants
  • Inspections are completed in less time and are cost effective
  • Surveillance in unsecure areas
  • Photographs documentation of conditions for analysis and future reference to identify and correct problems

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