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Insurance Company Claims Consulting

The certified industrial hygienists, certified safety professionals, and certified professional ergonomist at 1Source Safety and Health, Inc. provide insurance companies with scientific facts about a loss to reduce liabilities, substantiate a claim, or substantially reduce the loss to the insurance company. We also have strategic alliances with structure engineers, environmental engineers and board certified occupational health physicians to provide additional support as required by a claim.

"We have hired 1Source for cause and origin assistance, preliminary and clearance testing for the presence of mold, and for help with damage remediation. In each situation, 1Source, and in particular, Harry Neill, CIH, has professionally and capably handled the situation. Harry always explains the science involved often diffuses myths and calmly keeps all parties informed along the way." — Regional Adjuster, Major Insurance Company

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Typical Insurance Company Claims Services

Microbiological (Mold) and Water Release Assessments

Our staff conducts the assessments to identify the extent of microbiological contamination in the affected areas and its cause. We understand the importance of proper identification to ensure that the claim is addressed completely. Mitigation work plans are provided and post clean-up verification sampling is conducted. We can also conduct assessments to differentiate between wood-decay and recent microbiological activity. Our expertise includes homes through high-rise commercial buildings, manufacturing, schools, hospitals, etc.

Sewage Spill Assessments

Assessments to delineate affected areas are conducted with thorough documentation. Sampling for sewage related organisms and fungi provide a basis for determining the level of restoration needed. Our certified industrial hygienists also provide clean-up work plans and post clean-up verification sampling.

Post-Fire Assessments

Post-fire health and environmental conditions are often very significant depending on the age of the building and or its contents. Our experience includes single-family homes, schools, low and high-rise buildings. We conduct assessments for asbestos, PCB's, dioxins and furans, volatile organic compounds, lead-in-paint, mold growth in wetted materials, and contaminant transfer in smoke to adjacent areas to assist in developing remediation plans. Clearance monitoring and sampling is provided throughout and at the end of the remediation process.

Fuel Spill Assessments

Overfilling or ruptured fuel oil tanks within building structures can result in both environmental and health issues. We can quantify organic compounds in the air and on surfaces, and provide an assessment of potential health impact on the building structure and occupants. Monitoring of clean-up activities and post clean-up verification sampling is provided to document the effectiveness of the remediation.

Soot Contamination

Claims involving soot deposition can be evaluated scientifically by sampling and assessments of structures to confirm source of smoke and soot deposition on surfaces. Typical sources include candles, heater malfunctions, oil & gas appliances, and structural fires.

Report Development and Expert Testimony

Our team of expert technical professionals will develop a detailed report describing conditions and sampling data with interpretation to assist in addressing the claim. Investigations and assessments are conducted following technically sound methodologies with supporting documentation to assist in all aspects of claims management.

Workers' Compensation Claim Support

Our professional staff of certified industrial hygienists, safety professionals and ergonomists provide assessments for any chemical, physical or biological exposure workers' compensation claim. Typical exposure issues include ergonomic issues such as repetitive motion issues, noise, indoor air quality, microbiological, lead exposure, death investigations, and more.

Need more information, or a proposal? Please click on Information Request, or contact Harry M. Neill, CIH, Vice President Indoor Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene at 610.524.5525, Ext 15 or email.