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Asbestos & Lead

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Lead Based Paint Surveys and Management

The 1Source asbestos and lead team conducts lead surveys to help building owners and contractors identify possible contamination. Data on the location and conditions of lead-based paint allows for safer demolitions and renovations.

Our lead paint inspectors and risk assessors maintain all the required training and certifications. They have experience with evaluating office buildings, schools, military installations, industrial facilities, hospitals and many more building types.

The Importance of Lead Surveys

Buildings built before 1979 and some buildings built afterward may have lead-based paint on indoor surfaces. Lead paint poses a risk during renovations and demolition because it forms lead dust when damaged. When inhaled or ingested, accumulated lead dust can damage the nervous system, organs and reproductive system.

Detecting the presence of lead paint lowers the risk of exposure for employees and occupants. It allows you to implement an abatement plan before you start your project.

Lead Paint Surveys & Risk Assessments

1Source analysts will use the industry's best practices to detect lead paint in your facility. In most cases, they sample each paint color and substrate. They may use one or both of these analysis methods to find the presence of lead:

XRF Surveys

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) can detect lead without disturbing the tested material. Our inspectors and risk assessors use a regularly calibrated and serviced XRF lead detector for efficient, accurate results. XRF technology enables our team to conduct testing with less paint disturbance than bulk sampling.

Bulk Sampling

Some situations require direct analysis of a material in one of our laboratories. In these cases, our team conducts bulk sampling by taking physical samples of the paint and performing detailed tests in a controlled environment.

Our Support for Lead Abatement Services

If we detect lead in your building's paint, we can help you manage the abatement process with these services:

  • Project design: We specialize in developing lead abatement projects for large and occupied facilities in education, healthcare and other sensitive industries. Our team will assist with the project design and help you manage bids.
  • Environmental quality assurance monitoring: After you choose a contractor, our team can monitor their work throughout the project. Our analysts will conduct environmental quality assurance monitoring during and after abatement.

SMARTouch Lead Surveying and Reporting Software

We assist organizations that conduct lead surveys in-house with our SMARTouch software. SMARTouch includes features specific to lead and asbestos testing that allow you to streamline your records. It features standardized data reporting to keep your information consistent across surveyors.

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