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Lead and Asbestos Surveys and Investigations

1Source is licensed to conduct lead and asbestos surveys in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and West Virginia. Under NESHAP regulations, a building that could contain asbestos should receive an inspection before demolition or renovations. Lead paint dust is an air contaminant that also requires action. Our team can evaluate your building for lead and asbestos before you begin a project.

Detailed Sampling Plans

Each building needs a unique sampling plan based on its construction history and existing data. Before we complete any sampling, we will build a sampling plan based on factors such as:

  • The required materials under the Uniform Building Code at the time of construction
  • Dates of past renovations and the Uniform Building Code materials required at the time
  • Whether the project involves full or partial renovations or demolition
  • Data in design drawings, project specifications and other building documents

Lead and Asbestos Air Sampling, Bulk Sampling and XRF Sampling

Our field staff can conduct certain types of asbestos and lead sampling on-site and in-house. The data collected from these samples informs an abatement project's design if the team discovers asbestos or lead. Each of our field analysts has approval from the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Asbestos Analysts Registry.

We use lead and asbestos sampling techniques such as:

  • Air sampling: A variety of devices evaluate levels of lead and asbestos in the air.
  • Bulk sampling: A technician takes a piece of a material for analysis on-site or in a lab.
  • XRF sampling: During lead paint sampling, a field analyst may use X-ray fluorescence (XRF) to accurately and quickly evaluate a surface's lead content. Use of an XRF dramatically reduces survey time and costs.

Emergency Response

In the case of a disturbance of asbestos-containing materials (ACM), 1Source can guide your emergency response. After evaluation and sampling, we will help you find an abatement solution and design strategies to prevent future incidents.

Data Management Programs

To help our clients follow OSHA reporting regulations, we offer the SMARTouch data management software. This program allows you to store your testing data and reports in a single location. SMARTouch's compatibility with tablets and PCs enables simple data collection and reporting. It tracks your information on asbestos and lead testing, industrial hygiene sampling, indoor air quality and office ergonomics.

Steps After a Building Survey for Asbestos and Lead

After an asbestos and lead survey, we can design an abatement project and manage its bids if your building has these contaminants. During the abatement process, you may also request quality assurance monitoring to ensure its successful completion.

If your building or operation has asbestos-containing materials, our technicians can handle them with a maintenance program.

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