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Asbestos & Lead

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Asbestos Environmental Quality Assurance Monitoring

1Source has certification to conduct environmental quality assurance in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. Our analysts can conduct regular monitoring or quality assurance for your lead and asbestos abatement project.

The Importance of Regular Asbestos Health and Safety Monitoring

As part of an asbestos and lead maintenance program, you can request regular monitoring from our team. We conduct periodic visual inspections and air monitoring to ensure your environment has minimal contaminants.

Regular lead and asbestos management offers these benefits:

  • Compliance: Buildings such as schools require regular inspections to stay compliant with federal and local regulations.
  • Proactiveness: Periodic analyses allow you to take prompt action if our team finds elevated levels of lead or asbestos.
  • Documentation: During each inspection, our team will create visual and textual records that you can use for future inspections.
  • Safety: Any older building with lead or asbestos-containing materials benefits from the security of regular monitoring.

Complete Lead and Asbestos Abatement Oversight

After we design an asbestos and lead abatement project, we conduct environmental quality assurance monitoring. Our industrial hygienists oversee the removal process in partnership with contractors. These oversight services include:

  • Resolving issues in the interpretation of regulations and specifications
  • Conducting air sampling to identify any contaminant releases in work areas
  • Monitoring contractor's compliance with regulations and project specifications

At 1Source, we specialize in complex lead and asbestos abatement projects. Our team has the experience and resources to manage large-scale projects, such as power plants. We can also handle projects involving sensitive occupancies for facilities such as schools, hospitals and offices.

Asbestos Air Clearance Testing After Abatement

Once your contractor completes abatement, we will complete air clearance testing. Our analysts test the air and environment for lead and asbestos to ensure the work area is suitable for re-occupancy.

Reasons to Choose 1Source for Environmental Quality Assurance Monitoring

The 1Source lead and asbestos team has numerous qualifications in quality assurance, including:

  • Certifications: Our project managers are certified industrial hygienists (CIH) and have the credentials required by state and local regulations.
  • On-site capabilities: 1Source analysts have the training required to work with samples on-site. They can analyze asbestos air samples with phase-contrast microscopy in an on-site laboratory. This fast, efficient analysis allows you to take immediate corrective action for elevated fiber levels.
  • AAR participation: Our on-site analysts follow stringent guidelines as part of the AIHA Asbestos Analyst Registry (AAR). AAR participants must continue to show proficient performance.

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