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Asbestos Management and Lead Consultation

The EPA identified asbestos as one of the first air toxins under the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP). 1Source technicians conduct NESHAP asbestos surveys to promote safer workplaces. We also test for lead, another prominent contaminant. Our lead and asbestos testing services will help prevent safety and health emergencies in your facility.

Our asbestos management and lead consultation services include the following:

Lead and Asbestos Surveys and Investigations

Asbestos and lead abatement and management strategies require appropriate data. Our EPA-certified inspectors will survey your facility for contaminant levels and possible vulnerabilities. They have the resources to evaluate your operations during the management of lead and asbestos-containing materials. 1Source technicians will work with you to develop an investigation that collects accurate and relevant information.

Asbestos and Lead Abatement Project Design

We develop lead and asbestos abatement projects for commercial, educational and industrial facilities. Our initiatives help our clients limit and contain exposure during demolition and renovation projects. The 1Source team specializes in abatement for occupied facilities that protects occupants and improves efficiency. At 1Source, we have experience managing large-scale abatement projects for prominent clients.

Lead and Asbestos Environmental Quality Assurance Monitoring

During an asbestos and lead abatement project, our experts conduct environmental quality assurance monitoring. They partner with the contractor to ensure compliance with regulations and project specifications. Our team has experience overseeing quality assurance for large and complex projects. 1Source technicians also specialize in projects with sensitive occupancies that require extra care.

Asbestos and Lead Operations and Maintenance Programs

Working with lead and asbestos requires specialized management techniques to ensure a safe environment. Our technicians can support your asbestos operations and maintenance through training and consultation. They design training programs and operations strategies that help you contain lead and asbestos properly. These services include emergency response plans that allow for prompt hazard mitigation.

Lead-Based Paint Surveys and Management 

Facilities that contain lead-based paint have a high risk of lead dust as an air contaminant. Our risk assessors test for lead paint on numerous types of building surfaces. Once they determine the locations and conditions of lead-based paint, they provide a management strategy. 1Source technicians partner with contractors to prevent exposure during demolition and renovations.

The Importance of Lead and Asbestos Management Consultants

The EPA identified lead and asbestos as hazards and banned their use in the late 1970s. Buildings constructed before this time may still contain these hazardous materials. In addition, commercial buildings built after 1979 may have lead paint despite its ban for residential use. If you plan to renovate or demolish an older building, you may need to manage lead or asbestos.

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