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Ergonomics Programs - Creating Positive EMOTIONS™

1Source staff has helped companies in a wide variety of business sectors address ergonomic needs from the initial work-related musculoskeletal disorder (WMSD) trend analysis to quantitative physical demand evaluation including comparison to population capabilities. Our team of experts has the tools to properly identify and eliminate the workplace stressors that can result in employee injury/illness and inefficiencies. Elimination or reduction of the ergonomic risk can result can result in significant reduction in workers' compensation cost and associated liabilities.

Our program of Creating Positive EMOTIONS™ (Ergonomic Motions) can provide significant cost benefit. Our services have ranged from helping to develop and implement a global ergonomics program to individual exposure assessment and control. The bullets below provide some individual services.

  • Ergonomic Program Development and Implementation
  • Employee Complaint Resolution
  • WMSD Trend Analysis
  • Physical Demand Evaluations
  • Workstation Design & Training
  • WMSD Management Action Plans
  • Quick Corrective Solutions
  • Patient Handling and Mobility
  • Expert Witness Support

Colin J.Brigham, Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE), was a project manager involved in the development of ergonomic risk assessment methodologies that were then applied by teams under his technical direction at 21 Air Force bases. In addition, Mr. Brigham's team has conducted ergonomics assessments for 2,500 plus office workstations for a chemical manufacturer using SMARTouch software which was developed by 1Source Safety and Health. We have developed and implemented ergonomics programs for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, manufacturers and more.

Need more information, or a proposal? Please click on Information Request, or contact Colin J. Brigham, CIH, CSP, CPE, CPEA, CSPHP, Vice President Safety Management and Ergonomics at 610.524.5525, Ext. 24 or email.