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5/23/2019 - Machine Guarding and Safety

How do you establish a process for protection from the potential hazards associated with the operation of machinery?

2012 News Archive

  • 8/13/2012 - Hazardous Energy Lockout Tagout
    The consequences of failure to effectively lockout/tagout equipment can be catastrophic. The best example of this occurred at a forging facility in Houston, Texas on December 22, 1996. Eight workers were killed. A crew of ten maintenance workers was performing work on a 40 foot high pressurized nitrogen tank for a 35 ton forging press. They believed that the pressure had been bled from the tank prior to beginning work. When 2-inch bolts were removed from a 3-foot square lid it blew off, ...
  • 7/18/2012 - New ASHRAE Standard 188P for Legionella
    Which buildings are included? To answer this question one must first understand and evaluate seven specific risk factors relating to facility design, size, occupants and use as well as potable water chemistry. Should any one of the seven risk factors be present then preventive measures are required to be developed and implemented. Additionally, the presence of cooling towers and/or evaporative coolers automatically requires the development and implementation of preventive ...
  • 3/6/2012 - Emergency Response Planning
    What You Need to Know to Be PreparedHistorically, Emergency Response Planning has been focused on major events such as fires, floods, explosions, power outages, and chemical spills. Although they can certainly be significant, they are not the most significant with regards to the impact on occupant safety and health. In recent years, facilities managers of offices, retail establishments, schools/universities, healthcare and other non-manufacturing facilities have become aware of additional ...
  • 2/14/2012 - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Five Facets to PreventionCarpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is becoming a major concern in a variety of occupational settings. The relevance of the crippling hand disorder is increasing: the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that over 31,000 workers developed this disorder from occupational exposure in 1997, up from 23,000 in 1988. OSHA handed out two of its largest proposed penalties (for $4.3 million to John Morrell and ...

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