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5/23/2019 - Machine Guarding and Safety

How do you establish a process for protection from the potential hazards associated with the operation of machinery?

2006 News Archive

  • 7/15/2006 - The Risk Factor 3rd Quarter 2006
    What You Should Know About Mold During ConstructionThe cost impacts when mold growth occurs during construction can be huge. A recent settlement in California for roof leaks was made for $33,000, and an $11.5 million claim was made against an architect, construction manager and subcontractors in Florida. The primary reason for mold growth during a construction project is uncontrolled moisture incursion in the form of liquid flow, condensation, high humidity and/or capillary action that dampens ...
  • 4/15/2006 - The Risk Factor 2nd Quarter 2006
    Ergonomics: Micro to Macro Success StoriesThe OSHA ergonomics standard was rescinded several years ago, yet many companies continue to establish and/or expand ergonomics programs in their workplaces. Why is that? The reason is that effective ergonomics programs save companies money!Ergonomic risk factors in the workplace continue to plague many employers. In Pennsylvania in 2004, sprains and strains represented 43.1 percent of the claims by nature of injury. The number one cause of accidents or ...
  • 1/15/2006 - The Risk Factor 1st Quarter 2006
    Emergency Response PlanningWhat you need to know to be preparedHistorically, Emergency Response Planning has been focused on major events such as fires, floods, explosions, power outages, and chemical spills. Although they can certainly be significant, they are not the most significant with regards to the impact on occupant safety and health. In recent years, facilities managers of offices, retail establishments, schools/universities, healthcare and other ...

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