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Vapor Intrusion Consulting

Vapor intrusion (VI) is receiving increasingly more attention in recent years as various states and the EPA have identified it as a significant contaminant pathway into buildings. As indoor air quality professionals we have long recognized that whenever a building operates in a negative air pressure mode that vapors under a building slab will likely find an infiltration pathway into the occupied space and may result in health concerns to the occupants, thereby increasing liability to the owner or employer.

Vapor Intrusion Strategies

To assist clients in addressing the potential regulatory and health risks associated with vapor intrusion, we have taken our extensive knowledge in indoor air quality, indoor air contaminants, data interpretation, and building systems and operations to develop the following strategies to respond to vapor intrusion (VI) issues:

  • Reviewing of sub-slab soil vapor data
  • Developing a detailed understanding of building, building systems, building operations, building variables, building contents, building occupants, vapor pathways, potential contaminants from products / materials stored in the facility, and other characteristics of the site
  • Conducting direct reading measurements of potential pathways as well as background contaminant sources during initial visit, and at the start and finish of the sampling survey
  • Identifying specific contaminants for sample collection and analysis
  • Developing a vapor intrusion workplan (VIW) for review and approval by regulators, if needed
  • Meetings with employees to discuss indoor air sampling survey
  • Implementing the vapor intrusion workplan using Summa canisters
  • Interpreting laboratory data
  • Providing full documentation and recommendations to address Vapor Intrusion Guidelines for various states.

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