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Odor Surveys and Assessments

If you have ever had an odor issue within your facility you can appreciate the difficulty in identifying the sources or causes and responding to questions from employees. The professionals at 1Source have developed a specific protocol that has been successful in identifying odors and odor sources that are:

  • External to a building, i.e not related to a buildings systems, or processes and occupants within a building
  • Internal to a building, i.e. related to a buildings systems, or processes and occupants within a building.

1Source professionals utilize their understanding of building systems and operations and potential odor generating sources as the first step in resolution of the odor problem.


How Odor Assessments are Determined

In order to assist in the resolution of odor issues, it is beneficial to gather some information to assist in determining what steps need to be taken and if sampling is needed. Questions such as the following should be answered prior to conducting any type of sampling or assessment.

  • When odor is present, what are its boundaries or location?
  • What is the time course of the odor?
  • What is the pattern associated with the odors presence?
  • Are odors present above ceilings?
  • What does the odor smell like? Intensity?
  • Does weather affect the presence or intensity of the odor?
  • Are odors present throughout an entire areas served by a specific AHU?
  • Are odors present before employee's come into building?
  • Are HVAC systems shutdown overnight?
  • Are there any janitor closets in the areas?
  • Are odors present during the night?
  • Are odors present over the weekends?
  • Does everyone perceive the odor?

The perception of an odor within a building is a clear indication that there is a problem that must be resolved. It is important to note that while some odor causing compounds can be simply categorized as being a nuisance while others are potential health hazards.

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