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Indoor Air Quality

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5/23/2019 - Machine Guarding and Safety

How do you establish a process for protection from the potential hazards associated with the operation of machinery?

Mold Testing and Assessments

Mold growth and amplification and water intrusion are typically associated together. As such, we utilize advanced infrared camera technology to assist in moisture detection. The IAQ professionals at 1Source have addressed mold and bacterial contamination, growth and amplification in various settings including schools, hospitals, commercial buildings and homes.

  • Microbiological Assessments
  • Mold Growth Assessments
  • Water Releases
  • Sewage Spills
  • Endotoxin Contamination
  • Allergen Sampling
  • Odor-Cause Investigation
  • Moisture Intrusion Assessments
  • Mold Remediation Work Plans and Management
  • Litigation Support

What immediate action steps must be taken?

  • Conduct initial inspection and moisture assessment
  • Interpret laboratory data in relation to site specific findings
  • Develop options for remediation and moisture control
  • Provide information to manage concerns
  • Develop work plans and work with remediation contractor
  • Post Remediation Assessment

1Source Safety and Health Professionals Provide

  • Microbiological Growth Investigations and Assessments
  • Moisture Intrusion Assessments
  • Water and Sewage Spills Assessments
  • Odor Cause and Source Investigations
  • Health Issues and Disease Cluster Assessments
  • Pre-Existing Loss Identification
  • Remediation Work Plans and Management
  • Litigation Support and Expert Testimony
  • Scientific Support for Insurance Claims Management

Following the assessment, our staff develops site-specific plans and work plans for mitigation of the mold and bacteria and their potential hazards.

For your protection, 1Source professionals oversee the entire remediation process. Post remediation assessments are conducted to confirm that the potential hazards have been effectively removed. The 1Source team of professionals can also provide consulting services to prevent the re-occurrence of mold growth.

"We have hired 1Source for cause and origin assistance, preliminary and clearance testing for the presence of mold, and for help with damage remediation. In each situation, 1Source, and in particular, Harry Neill, CIH, has professionally and capably handled the situation. Harry always explains the science involved, often diffuses myths and calmly keeps all parties informed along the way." — Regional Adjuster, Major Insurance Company

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