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Food Safety

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Safe Quality Food (SQF) Consulting Services

Our consultants can help manufacturers and distributors in the food supply chain develop and enhance food safety programs to prepare for certification against GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) benchmarked schemes. We offer their expertise in building and maintaining food safety management systems to assist clients with GFSI Recognized Schemes, including Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification.

SQF Implementation
We can help you prepare for GFSI audits by benchmarking your prerequisite programs against industry best practices to identify deficiencies that can compromise food safety and impact product integrity.

SQF Training Courses
Our training programs are designed to provide attendees with a thorough understanding concepts, principles and application requirements, enabling the implementation of the SQF scheme.

SQF Certification Services

In today's global marketplace, consumers want to be sure of the quality and safety of food products. In response to this demand, retailers and manufacturers are increasingly requiring suppliers to demonstrate their commitment to safe, quality products through audit certification schemes, such as those benchmarked and recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative.

SQF Certification
Our Food Marketing Institute accreditation allows us to deliver certification services for Safe Quality Food (SQF).

Pre-Certification Audits
Our pre-certification audits are an extremely useful tool in preparing for a SQF audit, and provide invaluable insight and practical solutions. The pre-certification audits enable you to:
  • Evaluate your system's compliance with the certification standard
  • Prepare for the certification audit
  • Determine remedial actions needed to improve or strengthen your system
  • Satisfy your customers' quality demands.

We have teamed with Vitale Scientific Associates and SCIO Risk Group to provide these food safety services. Our experts includes a certified HACCP Manager (NSF International), a certified HACCP Auditor (American Society for Quality), a Registered SQF Auditor (Safe Quality Food Institute #123855), senior project scientists, biologists, analytical chemists, and data management professionals with experience in providing successful oversight and management of scientific and technical data collection for risk management, regulatory compliance, and litigation support. Our team has over 30 senior scientists and professionals spanning these disciplines, along with more than 50 staff scientists and data analysts, all with varying project experience - ranging from product recall decision matrices through assisting in-house and contract laboratories for GLP and ISO compliance, Safe Quality Food (SQF) services, to the highest profile food and environmental contamination projects.

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